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A Different Approach

When you choose Wishbones you are choosing more than a product; you are choosing to help the millions of children who don't know the comfort of owning a pair of shoes.

We donate one pair of Wishbones to someone in need, on your behalf, through our giving partners with every purchase.

This is the purpose of Wishbones, and everything we do is built around the concept of giving back to those in need.

step in right direction

A step in the right directionA step in the right direction

But we don't stop there, because we believe to truly make an impact we need to go further than a handout. It's for this reason that we also invest into long – term sustainable projects to uplift the communities we donate in. From school stationary, to vegetable gardens and sports equipment, we analyze each communities needs and assist wherever possible.

What's in the name?What's in the name

It's said that snapping a wishbone has the power to grant you a wish, and it's this philosophy that we have built our brand on. When you purchase a pair of our high quality flip-flops you grant a wish for someone who is in desperate need of the comfort and protection footwear provides.

See the joy in each person's faceSee the joy in each person's face

Each Wishbones purchase is logged and assigned with a unique tracking number. We document all our giveaways, and once your donation pair has been given we email you photos of those you have helped to make a difference to.

Wishbones are made with only high-grade natural rubber for the perfect balance between comfort and durability. Our straps are made to be slightly elasticized to allow natural movement and no restriction. All Wishbones are also 100% recyclable.

Life Without ShoesLife Without Shoes

If you have never lived without having shoes, it's hard to imagine how much that impacts how you live and work. Taking care of your feet is high on the priority list after shelter, water and food. In developing countries where we donate footwear there are many crippling foot ailments that come as a result of not having shoes, from injury caused by sharp stones or plants such as devil's thorn, to exposure to disease-carrying parasites such as chiggers. We are proud to do our part to help make one person's life better.

Why Flip-FlopsWhy Flip-Flops?

Light, washable, breathable and durable, flip-flops are perfect for hot and humid climates such as Southern Africa, where we launched our first donation drops.


Anti-Odor, Anti-Bacteria, Anti-Fungal

Wishbones feature an anti-microbial treatment added to all our flip-flops which inhibits the growth of 99% of odor-causing bacteria, leaving your Wishbones (and feet) fresh and protected.

This technology is also used in our donation Wishbones, which helps to reduce infection and the spread of diseases such as Podoconiosis (Elephantitis) and Hookworm.

Our Giving PartnersOur Giving Partners

We donate Wishbones to communities in need through our giving partner, SAVE (South African volunteer experiences). With the assistance of SAVE we are able to not only provide footwear to those in need, but also assist educate children and woman on essential life skills such as first aid, basic business skills and self-defense.

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